Perfect integration and implementation requires specialization.

Paper Logistics

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Paper logistics is one our main focal points within transport logistics.

Each year we transport more than 1 million tons of paper. Our job includes both the supply of paper making plants with waste paper as well as transporting the new paper on time to the customer.

Optimal load securing, modern equipment and trained personnel are essential in these areas and is a fixed requirement of our customers.

HDE Logistik is one of the leading suppliers of paper logistics in Germany. Within the Federal German Freight Haulage Logistics and Disposal Association (BGL), HDE Logistik is a founding member of the working group paper logistics, which regularly interacts with the transport working group of he Association of German Paper Mills, in order to identify any joint synergy potential and to discuss current and future developments.

Focal point paper logistics - paper on the move

For optimum handling, we offer:

  • Joloda rails
  • Perforated rails
  • Anti-slip pads
  • Steel wedges
  • Straps
  • Edge protectors

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